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How to Attract the Best Tenants



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This is in regard to Carey Chan and the wonderful service he has provided us over the course of my time with him. I was looking for a unit to rent for November 1st, 2008. I have looked at several p ...
Paul W.
We really appreciated your meticulous professionalism and will definitely refer you to our friends, and look forward to using your service again soon!
Peter W.
As a working professional looking for furnished rentals, I can honestly say that Carey is what you are looking for. He is prompt, professional and honest. What a breath of fresh air and a joy to work ...
John D
Carey, you are a great landlord and I do had great time in this apartment, it was hard for me to decide moving out.
Kathy J.
Thank you for everything. You are always easy to get a hold of and very helpful!
Britt T. and Ryan N.

How to Attract the Best Tenants

Posted by Urban City Rentals
Urban City Rentals
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on Tuesday, 28 June 2011 in Property Management

The best way to avoid problems with your tenants is to get the best tenants in the first place. At Urban City Rentals, we know that the process of finding good tenants is much easier than it sounds. It’s a renter’s market right now, and chances are pretty good your potential tenants are going to be selective. If you’re not spot on in your marketing and presentation, those no-hassle, long-term tenants are going to pass right on by.

There are several key things you can do to increase your property’s appeal and draw in those quality clients:

  • Identify your ideal tenant. Depending on the type of property you’re renting and where you’re located, the “best renter” might be something different than what someone else has in mind. Once you’ve identified that ideal tenant, begin to craft a marketing campaign that’s specifically aimed at that target tenant.
  • Carefully choose which amenities to advertise in your marketing campaign. You’re going to draw in a different type of renter if you advertise, “easy access to mass transit” than you will if you advertise “easy highway access, perfect for commuting.” Both statements may be true, but one will bring in better tenants than the other.
  • Clean presentation is all-important. People don’t want to live in other peoples’ filth. Reglazing a tub, repainting walls, and getting dead insects out of the windowsills send a message that the dwelling is a nice place to live. The same goes for your landscaping and external presentation. Common areas, too, should be given plenty of attention prior to a showing.
  • Use your existing best tenants as a resource. Chances are you already have some rapport with your good tenants. Talk to them about vacancies, and consider offering a “finder’s fee” for when existing tenants refer a new customer.
  • Exude professionalism. Dress professionally for a showing, or make sure your leasing agents do the same. Demonstrate to those good tenants that you take property management seriously, and that you’re all about helping them find the ideal place to live.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the lease terms. When you discuss the lease with a potential renter, spend a little time on issues that may have been problematic for other tenants. Noise ordinances, late fee assessments, repairs, security deposits, and other issues. Talking about those things shows the potential renter that you’re serious about them, and will instill confidence in the best tenants.
  • Maintain a high level of customer service. When a tenant needs a repair, get it done fast and get it done right. If there is an issue with a neighbor or with a facility issue, address those as well. Offer customer service extras, such as helping new tenants connect with utilities or other service providers. World-class customer service can be one of the most effective marketing tools you have.

Tenants can fool you. Sometimes, you’ll think you’ve landed an ideal tenant, only to be sending eviction notices in less than six months. Still, by focusing on these few key areas, you can increase the likelihood that you’ll draw in some of those no-hassle, happy tenants we all like to have.

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