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Communicating with your Property Manager / Landlord : Top 10 tips



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Communicating with your Property Manager / Landlord : Top 10 tips

Posted by Urban City Rentals
Urban City Rentals
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on Thursday, 20 October 2011 in Property Management

Property managers spend quite a bit of time thinking about how they should communicate with the residents of the properties they manage. Sadly, most residents give little thought to how they communicate with their property manager or landlord. Almost every one of these landlord/tenant relationships last a minimum of one year and some last many years, even decades.

Throughout the country, it is surprising that few of us really understand how to communicate well with our landlords.
Would you agree that the relationship that you enjoy with your landlord can directly impact your lifestyle, comfort, image, and financial standing? Establishing a healthy relationship with your landlord can go a long way in helping you live in the best conditions possible, getting you the fastest responses to maintenance requests, and keeping your rental rates realistic.

Below are tips which could help you maintain and get better on landlord/tenant relations:

  1. Know what your requirements and expectations. Don’t expect a landlord to add an unreasonable amount of amenities or upgrades to an existing rental.
  2. Tender completely accurate rental applications regardless of your limitations. Do not exaggerate your income or lie about credit problems.
  3. Ask the right questions. In most cases landlords/agents are not required to disclose some information that may be important to you.
  4. If a landlord has promised a repair, new carpet, new appliances, or anything else will be done as a condition of your lease then is absolutely sure to get it in writing, preferably on the lease document.
  5. Read your lease completely. Read it thoroughly before you sign it.
  6. Complete a walk-through to assess any existing wear or damage. This will ease many disputes at the time of move out.
  7. Make sure that you know all of the relevant property information (garbage day, utility info, entry systems, sprinkler systems, strata fees). By knowing this, you can eliminate several calls to your landlord over the first weeks of tenancy.
  8. Ask landlord the exact process for contacting him/her in case of any questions or repair issues. They usually take action quickly to those who operate the way that they prefer to.
  9. Pay your rent on time.
  10. Be reasonable with your requests. If the issue is not urgent, don’t require that it should be handled on an emergency time frame.

By making yourself as an honest tenant, educating yourself on your lease terms and rules and making reasonable requests using the proper channels it is very likely that you will have a smooth and a more pleasant stay in your rental home.

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