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Here are some recent testimonials from some of clients and tenants!

Thank you for everything. You are always easy to get a hold of and very helpful!
Britt T. and Ryan N.
Carey was very professional and was a absolute pleasure to work with. What a nice change from what's out there. I'm confident that his agency will be a dominant force and will expand. I look forward t ...
Anton G.
We really appreciated your meticulous professionalism and will definitely refer you to our friends, and look forward to using your service again soon!
Peter W.
As a working professional looking for furnished rentals, I can honestly say that Carey is what you are looking for. He is prompt, professional and honest. What a breath of fresh air and a joy to work ...
John D
My wife and I would like to thank you for finding us these great tenants! I should email you earlier but we were also in the process of moving. Now things are settled, once again thank you for a gre ...
Alex C.

Urban City Rentals

Urban City Rentals Inc. provides professional rental property leasing and management services for unfurnished strata titled apartments, condominiums, lofts and townhouses in the metro downtown Vancouver area Richmond and Burnaby BC.

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    A big fraction of success as property managers is based on formulating plans and following them step by step . .and dealing with missed or late tenant payments is no exemption.We’ve always tried our best to be human with our tenants and know that sometimes good people fall on hard times. What to do when a tenant doesn’t pay or skips? What do you do ...
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