The 5 Steps of Screening Tenants - Page 6

The 5 Steps of Screening Tenants - Page 6

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The 5 Steps of Screening Tenants
Step 1: First Contact
Step 2: Showing the Property
Step 3: The Application Process
Step 4: The Approval Process
Step 5: The Lease Signing
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STEP 5: The Lease Signing

It is very important that you have a quality residential lease. You'd be surprised at how many people would just sign a lease without reading it! And I don't just mean tenants! I believe it is crucial to read the entire lease with the tenants at a lease signing. It is your agreement with them. Shouldn't you both know what is really being agreed to? As you read the terms of the lease with the tenants, you will be able to conduct your 5th and final step of screening. Does the tenant argue on every item? Is the late charge an issue? And so on.

Of course, if you are unhappy with how your prospect responds to you and/or your lease, you must not rent to this person. I believe: "It is better to have NO tenant than it is to have the wrong tenant."

John Nuzzolese
The Landlord Protection Agency